Small Groups: Becoming a Spiritual Family

By Thomas Day

As Saint Paul stated in Ephesians 3:15, we are a spiritual family. By God’s grace and love, we have been born again, given new life. hosting information In an effort to better understand this spiritual family let’s think about our natural families. First, our natural families are not optional. We didn’t choose who are parents would be. Second, we were not independent the day we entered this world. We will never be. Thirdly, we don’t graduate from family; instead, we live out our days richly intertwined in this most essential human social network. Family takes humility, or things will get nasty quick (you probably know what I mean). The thing is—God has designed the Church to reflect the beauty of family.

Family is not always pretty, it’s not always convenient, and it is even unbearable at times. But in the depths of who we are, we all yearn for family—to feel loved, understood, and known. God is family—Father, Son, and Spirit. Indeed, God is Our Father and we are his children. You are my brother and sister in Christ. Yet, do you feel connected to this family? Do you feel a sense of belonging? Do you know you are missed when you’re absent? Is the operation going to suffer without your input?

If you only show up to “family” once a week for a formal two-hour service, chances are you don’t. Imagine if you only showed up to your natural family once a week? What if as a father, mother, son, or daughter you were not around except at some family reunion, having fun, playing games, singing and dancing; yet, completely disconnected from the heartbeat of the life and struggles your family was going through. server address This would be near criminal. Imagine all that you would be missing out on! Aside from minor annoyances like waiting for the shower or bad breath, you would miss the core of what it means to be human, to live.

There is nothing more important than family. God is calling you into His family. It is Christ’s desire that you would find your niche in the family of God. There is a place uniquely fitted for you. And in some ways the same rules apply. The same level of commitment, humility, patience, and love is required. The family of God is not lived out in a formal once a week service, not completely that is. Brezncv leonid iljic It is lived out in the day-to-day walk with your brothers and sisters of the faith.

Your spiritual family is found in a small community of believers committed to following Christ’s commands and loving each other. Some call this a simple definition of church; we call them small groups. I believe that if you want to truly follow Christ you should make the effort to show up to a small group and stay committed. Open your heart as you naturally build trust with those you have connected with. As you open up, I believe you will discover what you have been looking for all along, a place where you belong, where you are missed, and where you are absolutely needed.