Give God Your January


I love the new start we get every year!  It feels like a chance to start again, and to wipe the slate clean.  I love new year resolutions and the process of thinking ahead.  I love thinking forward and dreaming about the what’s next!  I love taking time to hear the Lord about what is in His heart for us at Resound, and what’s on His heart for the nations.

One of my resolutions is to help my children with time management, which will in turn be life changing for me.  At this very moment, Judah is writhing on my floor with his unfinished math packet crying because he wants me to have “mercy” on him.  Just to be clear, his version of mercy entails me not giving him any more math packets.  One of my biggest strains is trying to find more time to be spiritual. .  I seem to be forever looking for pockets of time to be holy.  Just to be self-disclosing, my version of holy entails me living an undisturbed life.  This isn’t all about Judah!

I think we all have ideas of mercy and holiness that don’t line up with the Word or the Spirit.  One of God’s resolutions this year is to throw over the false and leave the real in it’s place.  How does this play out in time and space, in the real world?  I’m so glad you asked!  Well, for me it starts by writing this email in the same room as my writhing boy.  I don’t want to renew my commitment with being undisturbed this year.  I want to be holy!  Set apart, but not set apart… you know what I mean?

Being honest can be hard work.  But I would rather have God break every delusion here and now, rather than being awakened to reality on the day I see Him face to face.  Let 2014 be the year of breaking down delusion and the breaking in of His Kingdom.  Let’s me truly spiritual. adsense protection .  Let’s be our best in the midst of what life throws us… name of e-commerce websites . This is going to be a tremendous year!

Join us this Friday for our Family anointing service!  Also, if you haven’t already started your fast, jump in now.  We are spending the first 21 days of January pressing into the heart of God, with prayer and fasting. 192.168.01 .  Join us during this time of consecration.  Spend time listening to the voice of God for your life.  I promise you, He has great things!


Leah Ramirez