Imagine Real Freedom

Freedom weekends

By Marcia Thorsell

I used to hear the term “You’ve been set free” in Christian circles and it always produced a question in my heart.  Free from what?  The answer was always…free from sin, free from the devil or some such answer.  Still, that didn’t calm the confusion in my heart.  If that is true, then why do I see so many wounded, hurting, sinning, addicted, powerless Christians around me?  I don’t know about you, but I am really sick of powerless Christianity!!

A few years ago, my eyes were opened as I dealt with a complete failure in my own life.  I didn’t expect to fall, and actually, couldn’t believe I did!  If, because of the cross, we have been saved from sin, death, and the grave…not to mention the power of the devil… then why in the world do I and everyone around me keep sinning…keep failing?  Now, I know that Jesus did it and, just like salvation, we have to choose it for ourselves, but why, oh why, do we keep on choosing the wrong thing?  Why does the world, the flesh, and the past have such a strong pull on us?

Here’s what I’ve come to know and why I am so excited about our KAIROS Weekends at Resound.  The cross provided salvation for our spirit, soul, and body.  It was complete and enough for anything we could possibly face.  However, it was only our spirit that was awakened and “born again” when we got saved.  Healing was provided for our body by His stripes, but we have to appropriate it for ourselves…or take hold of it (let’s face it….sometimes easier said than done!).  Our soul (our mind, will, and emotions) was delivered from the devil’s power on the cross as well, but again, we have to lay hold of it.  Our soul and our body are here on this earth facing the effects of this earth and the effects of our past (sickness,  emotional turmoil, fear, depression, wounds…and on and on) and will continue to do so until we learn how to lay hold of what Jesus did on the cross.  Only then can we be FREE from those things!  Too often we are satisfied with a partial salvation!

Most of us are messed up in one way or another.  Sometimes we know it….and sometimes we don’t.  Were you wounded in your life?  We would all have to answer yes, even if in the first grade.  It is amazing the negative effect childhood experiences can have in our lives.  Was there something traumatic that happened to you at some point? … Death of a loved one, divorce, abuse, rejection, etc.  Are you sick?  Depressed?  In fear?  Anxious?  Have you ever dabbled in the occult?  Is there someone you just can’t forgive?  Do you dislike yourself or feel you’re not as good as everyone else? Or… you just feel stuck in your relationship with the Lord?  You want it to be something it is not.  You see others doing great….why not you?

KAIROS (meaning an appointed time in the purpose of God) is simply a weekend away where you allow God to open your eyes and expose any area that could hold you back….and set you free from it!  You will leave refreshed, renewed, and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit in a new way!  This is not to bring up old wounds and cause you pain…it is to forever close the door on those wounds and anything else you are not aware of.  This is not scary….it is liberating!

I am excited for you to experience what I have experienced.  I forgave people that hurt me, I broke patterns that would have destroyed my life eventually, I was set free from wrong thinking, and I found a new joy and power in the Holy Spirit!  You will never be the same!  


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