Follow through… and other character issues!

I love preaching on the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.  I love thinking  and mediating on the glory of Jesus and the supernatural ministry that He has given us.  Who wouldn’t?  These things are glorious.  They are wonderful.  What an inheritance we have in Christ!  But lately, I have been considering this jar of clay that contains these heavenly things.

After all the “amens” have died down from Sunday morning, are you a person of your word?  Do you follow through with what you said you would do?  Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about not just the lack of power in the Body of Christ, but the lack of character.  It used to be that business what done with a hand shake.  Today, we need contracts nearly signed in blood, and even then there seems to be some risk that the parties will not follow through.

Can I just state the obvious?  This should not be in the Body of Christ.  We are to be a people of The Word.  That being said, our word should also mean something.  Our yes should mean yes, and our no should mean no.  We should be a people committed to follow through.  I have no doubt that the Lord desires to anoint His people with what can only be described as extreme power.  Signs.  Wonders.  Miracles.  This is Biblical.  We are ambassadors for Christ.  Our lives, not just the sermons we preach, are the message.  And to those for whom we are sent, it’s our lives that read as the epistle.

I want to challenge you to be a man, or woman of your word.  Follow through.  Say what you mean and do what you say.  If you said you were going to go visit someone, go.  If you said you would run a department in your church, run it!  Do your best.  Give your best!  Serve the church, serve your community, serve your family just as you would serve Christ.  Give Him your best.


Let’s be a people of follow through!  Jesus is our example in this, as He is in all things.


Leah Ramirez