Follow through… and other character issues!

I love preaching on the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.  I love thinking  and mediating on the glory of Jesus and the supernatural ministry that He has given us.  Who wouldn’t?  These things are glorious.  They are wonderful.  What an inheritance we have in Christ!  But lately, I have been considering this jar […]

The Mirth of God

Entering Into the Joy of the Lord I’ve been reading a few books at a time, which is my (strange) habit, and all of them seem to have a common theme:  Joy.  The theme wasn’t evident in the individual titles, but every path led to the heart of God!  And in the heart of God […]

Small Groups: Becoming a Spiritual Family

By Thomas Day As Saint Paul stated in Ephesians 3:15, we are a spiritual family. By God’s grace and love, we have been born again, given new life. hosting information In an effort to better understand this spiritual family let’s think about our natural families. First, our natural families are not optional. We didn’t choose […]