Resound is a movement.  Our mission is to raise up a generation who knows their God and does great exploits.  Our mandate is to not only stand, but declare and perform justice.  Our faith is this:  Revival in every sphere of our culture.  This is our hope:  Jesus is coming soon.



House of Prayer

We believe that God is rising up a prayer culture that goes way beyond putting sets on a schedule.  In the book of Acts, the disciples were directed by visions, prayer and direct encounter.  The Holy Spirit was the leader of the church.  The Apostles gave themselves to prayer and reading the Word.  We have asked God for an outpouring like what is recorded in Acts, and He has asked us to position ourselves like the apostles.  If He could find a people who would wait, then He would send a baptism that would turn the world upside down.  We’ve decided to wait in the place of prayer!

Teaching and Training

We are a hands-on training center and believe in not just searching out the scriptures but applying them to our daily lives.  We have been ruined with accounts in the Word of ordinary men and women who believed God and saw their generation saved.  Our desire is to see an entire body of believers addicted to the Word and bent on obeying…no matter what the cost.


The Great Commandment is to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and the second is like it…Love your neighbor as yourself.  We desire to function in community with one another.  Beyond Sunday morning greetings, we believe it is imperative to really know one another.  The church is way more than nice sermonizing…it’s where we share one another’s burdens.  We are learning how to love.


God has placed our Missions Base in one of the neediest regions in Orlando: OBT.  We have a mandate to go to the highways and hedges (Matthew 22) and invite all we find to come into the House of the Lord.  We believe prostitutes will prophesy.  We believe pimps will cry out for Heaven to break into the earth.  This is our mandate:  To reach Orlando.  We’ve decided that the prayer meeting must be married to faith in the streets!  We believe Orlando will see revival.  We believe OBT will have a new name and reputation.



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