What is a small group? The short answer is that a small group is a gathering of people designed to provide community and help us become more like Jesus through study, service, learning and just hanging out.

We encourage you to browse through the listings below and find a group that works for you. You can e-mail the group leader for more information, or if you need help finding a group, contact Thomas Day.

Small Groups are the life of Resound Community. Real discipleship happens when we make time to connect. You are most welcome to join us!


Name: Thomas & Lian Day
Contact Info: 407-276-6854
Day/Time: Every Wednesday at 6:30pm
Location: Colonial
Description: A small group for young married couples where we can gather together to experience God’s love, share life, and grow more like Christ in our marriages. Children are welcome!
Email: Lian_Day@hotmail.com


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