Mission Trips

It’s time to go.

If we were left to ourselves with the task of taking the gospel to the world, we would immediately begin planning innovative strategies and plotting elaborate schemes. We would organize conventions, develop programs, and create foundations… But Jesus is so different from us. With the task of taking the gospel to the world, he wandered through the streets and byways…All He wanted was a few men who would think as He did, love as He did, see as He did, teach as He did and serve as He did. All He needed was to revolutionize the hearts of a few, and they would impact the world.  -David Platt, Radical

In 2014, we are planning on taking 5 International Missions Trips.  We feel certain that God is calling us to the nations with the Gospel.  If you are interested in joining one of these teams, please email Info@Resound247.com for more information.

Mexico- February, 2014 (Omega Ministries, Luis Hurtado)

Romania- June, 2014 (Zody Ministries)

Israel- November 7-19, 2014 (Rabbi Jerry and Jo Miller and Pastor Leah Ramirez)

China- TBA (Iris Minsitries)

Africa- TBA (CETA Ministries)



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