Larry Ramirez

Larry Ramirez, along with his wife, Leah, serves as the Founder/ Director of Resound Missions Base in Orlando, Florida.  Resound  consists of Resound School of Ministry, a full-time ministry training school, and Resound Church which Larry Co-Pastors with Leah.  At the heart of the vision is the House of Prayer which is a 24 hour a day ministry of worship and intercession.  The staff of musicians, intercessors, and worship leaders are “intercessory missionaries” raising support to enable them to serve full-time in the House of Prayer.

After living a “wild” life apart from God, Larry dramatically encountered Him and gave his life to the Lord at age 21.  The direction of his life took a 180 degree turn as he went to a full-time ministry school in Texas.  Upon graduation, he served on the staff of that school and the Pastoral staff of the church for the next several years.  Larry, known as a man of passion and boldness, is driven with a determination to know God intimately, to see the lost saved, to see the sick healed, and to see “signs and wonders” in operation on a daily basis.