Lian Day

Lian married Thomas Day after emigrating from the Netherlands in 2009. They are blessed with two adorable young children. Lian is a stay-at-home mom, which has been the desire of her heart ever since she was a teenager. She is privileged to enjoy each day in the presence of her children, loving them, teaching them new words and basic skills, and showing them God’s grace and faithfulness.

Lian has been involved in children’s ministry most of her life, first as a child herself attending Children’s Church on a weekly basis, later, as a helper and now teaching the children herself. She remembers learning about different Bible stories, giving her heart to God at a young age, and being taught about God’s will for her life. She feels blessed beyond measure to have a strong foundation in God, which helped her stand strong in the faith through her adolescence.

With a master’s degree in psychology, Lian has a burning heart to see women and children step into God’s plan for their lives. She believes there is nothing more beautiful than to see a person flourish in God as they exercise their spiritual gifts and talents. It is essential that we instruct our children in God’s way. We can do this by teaching them who God is, encouraging them to have a personal relationship with Him, and to model really following Christ.

She knows what it means to take a leap of faith and to trust God in starting a new life in a foreign country. She knows what it means to speak English as a second language, and to truly miss your loved ones back home. Yet, she also knows God is forever faithful.